Chetwynd Medieval Fair

5th & 6th July 2014

11am to 5pm

at Chetwynd, near Newport, Shropshire

Knights fighting

Chetwynd Medieval Fair is an annual celebration of a Fair that first took place in 1318. A charter for the fair was granted to Sir John de Chetwynd and we know that the fair continued for at least the next 16 years.
Click <here> to see the original Charter.

At the fair you can stroll through its market of historical traders, selling wares of every kind, displaying craftsmanship often lost to the modern world and treats for any purse, both magnificent and modest.

And a fair would have gathered people from every part of the countryside and every walk of life, to buy and sell, to gossip and share news, to meet friends and make new acquaintances.

The Barber Surgeon

You can immerse yourself in this merry pageant, all the sights, sounds and smells of medieval life on the move.

There will be medieval musicians, dragon puppets and chance to see the a Lord's hunting hawks, in flight and up close.

See what people wore, what they ate and how they lived, from the loftiest lady and most noble knight, to poorest peasant. Try on a soldier's helmet and feel the weight of his sword, or try your hand with the archer's long bow.

And if watching knights fighting gives you a thirst, slake it with an ale from our tavern, or different sort of traditional refreshment is available at the tea room.

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Entry : £5 (under 14yrs FREE)

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